Beirut makes me love music. 

Work by Dadu Shin. It makes me feel good.

Work by Dadu Shin. It makes me feel good.

Things that are dark and things that are pretty

I have recently discovered an artist named Dadu Shin. I like his works because they are cute and moody without being pretentious. 


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I have been listening to Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Beirut, and Andrew Bird all day. To me this is summer. Not the bright loud days of summer, but rather the overcast and muggy with windy night days. Those type of days are much more lasting, and at times they smell like ginger. I like these days, the ones where I wake up late and even coffee can’t wash away the sleep. I like how unforced the calm is. And I really like this music. It is mellow and bright at the same time. It is happy music, without meaning to be. Music should be multi layered, like ginger. Stinging and sweet, with a slight burn.  Just like my summers.

Watching the downfall of a neighbor state.

I have been following the ongoing battle between the Wisconsin Rep. and Dem. for the bargaining rights of union workers. Specifically the teachers unions. Here in Michigan a similar situation is happening, but much more subtley. Our Govenor, Rick Snyder, a Republican, has been trying to pass similar legislation which decidedly strips funds from schools and student grants. 

I have been constantly confused why Republicans view our future education as an expendable commodity. I hope that the recalls on some of the state’s senators will be a wake up call to those closer to home. We can hope. 

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Sometimes my life feels thalassic.

Sometimes my life feels thalassic.